A luxury vacation retreat in Prince Edward Country close to Picton and near Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario
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SWINGATE GARDENS was built as a memorial to my Mom who worked hard  alongside my step dad, running a small market garden in the South of England. The name of that market garden was, you guessed it. SWINGATE GARDENS

Although we didn’t keep the design of the house the same as the one I lived in when I was growing up, we decided to keep the name and even some of the furnishings came from the old “homestead” in UK.

One of the great lessons my Mom taught me as I was growing up was that life is not a free ride. So, when she passed away and left me everything she had worked so hard for over the years, I felt obligated to put my inheritance to good use and not squander it away. I invested in a couple of other rental properties and then decided to have Swingate Gardens built in memory of my Mom. She taught me to work hard and not to waste anything, she also taught me to be honest and not to give in to greed. I try to live by her values, and by doing that, my family and I hope we are able to offer you a warm, cozy place to stay where you can relax and enjoy your holiday.